Safari dinner party dating

On the big day, everything is organized and at your fingertips.Big Night supports i Phone and i Pad, and syncs between devices, so everyone is always up-to-date.‣ Create your menu: Decide what you'll serve, organized by course.No time, no worries – as we all know, practicality has everything to do with all things creative including culinary…and oh relationary in the bedrooms of the nation!If you want to create a more simplified ‘Gourmet L-O-V-E’ meal, (for instance), feel free to chose from any of the ‘A la carte Singles’ (Recipes), create your own menu and bring lady luck to dine at your dinner table.Trust me…same magic applies AND the menu is your own creation!If you are going to plan a party, why not create a theme that focuses on a distant and exotic location?We have family Sunday dinners twice a month and I have used this app to create the menus for the entire year!

Other Big Night users can import your menu and recipes with a single tap.‣ Universal App: i Phone & i Pad support included in single purchase. Love that you can link recipes to the menu so that everything is right in one place.

I wish there was more integration with an app like paprika or pepperplate. To use this app I’ve had to put all my recipes into Evernote and then into this app.

It’s not the best because the app does not pull the picture of the recipient and there does not appear to be a way to add it.

There are countless ideas out there, but one party concept that can be a lot of fun is an African-themed party.

Shindigz has the party supplies that you need to create this type of party, whether it is backdrops, photo stand-ins, clothing or props.

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