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Stanford is professionally a success and greatly enjoys working with attractive young men, occasionally the same targets as the girls, but has a better instinct to tell which share his preference.

He is very social, and gets along well with the quartet, especially Carrie, even mutually sharing confidences and asking advice neither would be at ease with among their own genders, as he often understands women better than they can themselves.

It's also aimed entirely at heterosexual women, leaving other demographics out of the conversation.

But it wins you over for the same reasons Sex and the City did: through its unwavering celebration of female friendship.

Stanford's wit, wisdom and wealth win him more than once an amazingly attractive date, such as underwear model the Bone, a stunning stud who picks him out in an underwear bar because of his Parisian briefs and last but not least Marcus, a magnificent Broadway dancer.

In SATC 2 he marries Anthony Maratino, his former nemesis.

Carrie and Stanford have a long-standing relationship built within their younger, wilder days in the New York Cityclub and bar scene in the 1980s. In "Boy, Interrupted" they momentarily break up due Stanford finding out that Marcus used to be an escort named "Paul".

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The HBO programme, which ran from 1998 to 2004, was praised for its depiction of its female characters as strong and unhampered, paving the way for the likes of Girls and Fleabag.

"The characters have stepped into another dimension, they're not anchored to real life." But real life was where it began.

As a columnist, Bushnell turned flings and friendships into sparkling copy, using shrewd social commentary to confront the rigid sexual politics that defined Manhattan's dating scene in the mid-Nineties.

The couple divorced in 2012 after a decade together, prompting Bushnell to trade sex and the city for celibacy and the countryside.

She moved to her home state of Connecticut and went full pastoral, doing little else other than riding horses, walking her dogs - poodles named Pepper and Prancer - and writing.

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