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this regard* He advised fee would', attempt to do so and,: if successful, will furnish same to BA BUIES on a. For info an d file* Contact will be maintained- with ^from time to time and, if- he. SERIAUZED^.5b KLED..^ Ji L ft j Hj/ M-W m LEAK HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 6 sac, wm Orleans (157*2306) 7 / 16/64 F. If 'individual being signaled ■ is n yklansman,' will answ ;•- ;•% v?

furnishes further t€ info ©f potently value.,-, h SXMIIl BSX consideration will be given to opening Mm as a Man Informant • U 137-2413 U 157-2299 1^157-1952 WW 14) JU- ^ AT? OIA(b) (7 ) - (D) sa samjel n , mmmms KMN ACTIVITIES, LEAKE COIW, MISSISSIPPI RACIAL MATTERS The report of Racial Xnforfsianu l dated June 26, 1964, reflects contacts with C. ABAISS- in the Blue Top Motel, Carthage, Mississippi, and with MR. Contacts were made tilth these, individuals to learn of information - regarding three missing persons ■*- MICHAEL SGHKSRNHft, JAMES CHANEY* and ANDREW mmmm * who -disappeared m Philadelphia, Mississippi, on June 21, 1964.

Accordingly, you should confirm the accuracy and completeness of all posted information before making any decision related to any data presented on this site.

*No representation is made that the person listed here is currently on the state's offenders registry.’ \ Former Employment Present Employment Automobile # 151 Liberty Road, s Natchez, Mississippi (1963-64) ; Route 1, Box 244, Woodville , Mississippi (4$ to 5 years) ; Route 4, Bbx 16, - : Natchez, Mississippi (1958 to 1963) Paper Mill Company, Natchez, Mississippi (1958 to 1963) Green lawp Memorial Park, Morgantown Road, Natchez , Miss iss ippi , for past six or seven months 1962 Ford fourr door, beige in color, Mississippi license 1-7998 , Adams County HW 12580 Dodd: 59167812 Page 5 OPTIONAL^ FORM NO. : ^r^WX^-^.^ : Mississippx ; ' to .-'attempt to work out such an agreement fmir yy M:\ ss is sipp lis /' to attempt ' ^ stated that at the present time,, there are' f Q ui-|gjp^^; yf£t. 10 5010-104-01 UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT Memorandum Ti A% to 0AXEANS (157-2413) date: HEIM F* BUMS of iclm mb violence, STATES OF LOUISIANA AMD MISS m m msm sippi cm. .advised he has heard rumors within the last two ©r three montns tnat some Crossroads, and possibly Pop,ai*viile # Mississippi, residents hare been a ttending Eu . Man Meet Mgau allegedly to the Legalusa, Louisiana area*, I ~1 advised |se has ho- indication that there is an active Man group organised in Pearl River County yet, but he stated he felt. there is no association ^^Howe ve r B ILLY;; ^CKLE 3 , ■ ; ttie Grand Giant at. mm new Orleans bivision AT CARTHAGE, MISSISSIPPI Will attempt to develop background Information regarding RAY HENDERSON and PURVIS CULPEPPER since they of the Sian organisation at Leake 4 V New Orleans 157 -HEW) (RAY HENDERSON, Leake Comity, Mississippi) / 5 7 - C 3 - 3 - 0 / SEARCHED.— ^DEXED^k^) SERIALIZEDfe£j£f! WHITE KNIGHTS OF THE KU KLUX KLAN OF MISSISSIPPI ANS (157-1962) i l|i§f S fits ■ S| fit i ( • '• “•■ ~ •'. Klux Klan of Mississippi (WKKKKOM) which was furnished by Mr t New Orleans, Louisiana^; J identified the source of thi s list of individua ls:^ believed to be members o f the WKKKKOM as[ of Wesson, Mississippi . L jspecif ically requested && that hi s identity no t be divulged and furnished the informa-j|f tion to L on a highly conf idential bas is .

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