Soda can dating

Somewhere in the middle, you can find out most anything that’s happening in Bessemer City.“If a fire truck goes down the street, people call the drugstore to ask what’s going on,” says Jeremy Will, who worked at Central Drug for parts of nine years.

At first glance, the wooden booths with the white marble tops seem pretty ordinary. Soda shops like Pike’s in Charlotte or Mike’s on Main in Hendersonville are built to make you remember the past — even if that past never actually took place there.Kids earn their first paycheck here; Robby hires two high school students every summer, and it’s the most sought-after job in town.The counter buzzes with activity every afternoon after school.Sit at the counter around lunchtime on any weekday, and it quickly becomes obvious how they’ve done it.“My dad always talked about customer service,” says Robby.

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