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The single mom complained, “Most people I work with are married.

Most friends I have, their guy friends are married.

This is hard.” Omaha has a population of nearly 409,000 people with a roughly even distribution of men and women.

The city is relatively young; the average age is 33.5 years.

Medical students may select any table (specialty) of interest and will have 8-9 minutes to gain an overview of that specialty and ask any questions. By the end of the one hour session, students gain valuable information about six different specialties and established potentially valuable contacts as their careers evolve.

, in Blog and tagged connection, dating, Dundee, Kenny Champoux, library, Mark's Bistro, marriage, Omaha Public Library, proposal, singles, speed dating, Trish Tynan, W. “I always wanted a relationship, to get married, and have kids,” said Trish.

Join eligible singles and Omaha Love Matchmakers at the Empire Room to mix, mingle, and find LOVE.

For added ambience, a local performer will be set up near the event space.

Our events are open to all singles and often grouped by age range. includes a welcome drink, admittance to the exclusive mixer and a chance at true love. includes a welcome drink, admittance to the exclusive mixer and a chance at true love.This can make dating quite tricky, especially as childhood sweethearts pair up and leave the dating pool.According to census data, about 38% of Omahans (or 24,000 people) ages 30 to 34 are unmarried. Some adult singles struggle to meet viable love interests in the city.On a popular dating platform, Nebraskan singles of all ages and backgrounds can mingle freely.We’ve picked out our favorites, organized by category, to help you choose the right site for your needs.

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