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AWS' status as a VMware "preferred partner" was in little doubt, and the company has announced a raft of new technologies to support customers deploying on Amazon's cloud.

These include new tools courtesy of an expanded partnership with Nvidia.

The company did, however, announce that Equinix will be operating as a hosting partner for the service, allowing customers to take advantage of it through their facilities. Following its initial reveal by Gelsinger, Michael Dell and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at Dell Technologies World earlier in the year, VMware also announced the availability of native VMware support on Microsoft Azure.

These customers can also now take advantage of VMware's Bitnami-powered Cloud Marketplace, as can the company's Cloud Provider Partners.

Capacity and cost management will also be a major focus, with new planning and optimisation tools across a range of different environments.

Complementary to this is the announcement of another tech preview, codenamed "Project Magna".

All of the new v Realise tools, as well as Cloud Health Hybrid, will be available by the end of VMware's third financial quarter, which falls on 1 November this year.

As with Project Pacific, no firm timeline has been given for the availability of Project Magna.

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