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A part of it touches upon cow vigilantes and Hindu nationalism briefly, updating Vikram Chandra's book and making Sacred Games more relevant for today's times.At the same time, the Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) storyline spins its wheels in the opening episodes.That's when interactions between characters come into play, and there are some delightful ones in season 2, courtesy of new and returning characters.

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That brings into play Guruji's long-time follower Batya Abelman (Kalki Koechlin), who oversees the Mumbai ashram, and is one of several new female characters on Sacred Games season 2.

And there's an additional bit of comedy that arises out of the naivety of a baby-faced drugs dealer who Gaitonde turns into his stooge.

On the filmmaking side of things, the most eye-catching bit in the early going is a showy one-minute long take that's part of a chase sequence and involves going up a four-storey building.

In building to Guruji's introduction from all sides, Sacred Games 2 also cheekily foreshadows the potentially literal — but for now, metaphorical — nuclear cloud cast over everyone by giving Tripathi lines such as “Time is radioactive.” With Tripathi having a bigger presence in the second season, the writers — head writer Varun Grover and his new writing team of Dhruv Narang (Gormint), Nihit Bhave (Hey Prabhu!

), and Pooja Tolani — can expand on the Hindu mythological angles of the story.

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