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The form can be found here: Next –when Transport receives this application, they will confirm with the FAA details of your US certificate so they can proceed with the application. Lastly – While they are verifying your certificate status with the FAA, you need to prepare for the CPL conversion exam.

The examinations are based on Air Law and Procedures and questions are orientated to highlight differences between the US and Canada.

I don't know how similar it is to the US R-ATP - (however I doubt they are equivalent)It is exponentially easier if you get the full FAA ATP and convert it to a full EASA ATP.

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There are schools that will do the conversion for you in the US.You can even keep both current as long as you go through the required regular checks. The ATPL exams can be really nasty/"different" I'm currently a Australian CPL holder doing a conversion course, and it isn't quite that simple.Firstly, you need ATPL subjects passed in an EASA state (including a minimum of 10% ground school, about 40 or so hours). If you want to get your IR (which, really is a must), there is a certain amount of flying that needs to be done in Europe first (believe it is 15 hours).I don't understand the "keep my FAA certificate" bit. I witnessed many who came to my flight school with an american license, expecting to just get over with the formalities and then have EASA license handed over to them.It's not like your FAA certificate goes away once you convert to get the EASA license. As far as I'm aware, they require you to speak dutch, and there is something like 1200 unemployed pilots in the Netherlands. Your best bet as a low-timer is going to be Ryanair or Wizz. Didn't work that way, they almost always failed all the exams.

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