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Like the odd hybrid jeans, this period marked a transition for Levi to the small 'e' red tab.

A two pocket small 'e' tab jacket from this period is easily identified because of the single row of stitching adjacent to the bottom button hole.

Whether you are seeking to add to your personal vintage wardrobe or add another item to your buy list at yard sales and thrift stores, this introductory guide on How to Identify Vintage Levi's Jackets will give you the basic insights and teach you how to recognize real vintage so you can make smarter decisions.

If you are already familiar with how to identify vintage Levi jeans, then it will come as no surprise to you that many of the same characteristics and terminology is used for jacket identification as well.

@tami - blanket lined jackets have unfortunately never found a widespread audience with collectors. A two pocket jacket in a dark denim with a blanket lining will usually only bring around - and just a bit more for a Big E.

This applies to men's only and covers most jackets from the mid 60s - 80s only.

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The global economy and availability of reproductions have greatly dropped prices from the heyday.

Lucky for me, my friend Suzanne Branca over at A Grain of Sand also has a soft spot for those little lovelies, and she's got some great advice for us on how to date our vintage crystal beads! The first thing to look at is whether or not the crystal has been finished with the glamorous Aurora Borealis crystal effect.

How can I tell how old vintage Swarovski Crystals are? This was invented in 1956 in cooperation with Christian Dior.

The dating and identification of vintage Levi denim jackets is knowledge that can benefit you personally and financially.

Dating a Levi jacket is easy and if you have been wondering how to tell if a Levi jacket is old, then this guide is for you.

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