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For those of you who are more detail-oriented — please read on. The user interface for registration is intuitive even for those that have never registered on an online dating platform before.You are asked to provide your gender, the gender of the partner that you are seeking, and your birth date.The question then becomes, which of the many online hookup sites is best for you?We have reviewed many different dating and hookup sites.

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One thing that we have noticed is that newer sites that arrive on the scene and that are able to develop a large following in a short period of time — usually provide a larger probability of success in finding encounters in the here and now. We understand that when you are looking for help in finding a hookup site to try for yourself, some of you will want the bottom line up top.It is important to note that since Instant Hookups offers a more robust platform than some other hookup sites, their free version is limited to only 24 hours.While that may seem like a bummer to some — rest assured that it is actually quite beneficial.Others may just be looking for some fun over the phone or online.Instant Hookups accommodates all of you by making it easy to find all types of hookups — in person and online.

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