Webcam chat infidelity

I think you are beating yourself up too bad though. IN my opinion you were wronged IF you and him had an agreement, said or unsaid that you two don't have sexual relations outside of your relationship without the partner's consent. If he did this with complete knowledge that you would not approve then he cheated. If so then due to the fact that you love each other work it out, but draw a line in the sand and make it an absolute. If there is no physical contact, there's no cheating. My hubby changed boxers, and was showing off, and just having a good time. Well the next few times we all chatted she would mention what kind of boxer did he have on then? -B ---Sunshine, this post didn't make any sense atall. Maybe I'm dense, but could you please explain why you are getting the red flags, and feeling jealous? You are totally right about two wrongs not making a right though. In the meantime I would buy about a dozen webcams, they are only 5 bucks at walmart......ok...maybe not.... Sure won't post any more threads, when I am exhausted!!! As many folks always say--TALK---is the best advice.

If he did that in my book that is sexual relations. But the heart of the problem needs to be addressed. It's okay to be a slut, but it's not ok to be a cheater. But to the original post, really, I don't think cybersex is cheating, its more like masturbating to Penthouse Forum, with interactive feedback. I really got aggrivated and a red flag went off with this woman. You have deceptive issues, and control issues brewing up a big storm here. As far as us being swingers, we wanted to try it, and chatted with a few couples. I know that caming with a stranger and wacking off would seem ok, but doing it to someone you know too without the S/O consent would seem unfair. My wife would of said the same thing----what is good for the goose is good for the gander----as she puts it.

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When I seen the boxer's, I gave him for Valentine's Day, were on the floor at the computer desk. I don't really think of myself as a jealous person, but I think there are limitations in this swingers life when, coming in as a couple. He called me and asked me to come back in our room and talk to him. I turned around and wanted to hear what he had done. I would NEVER do that to him, unless he was right there with me. I feel like there are boundaries, and that would be overstepping them as a woman, wife.

He had been online and got off with some female in a chat room. I started out of our room, tears welling in my eyes, and my heart crushed!! But, the whole thing, was I felt like he had cheated on me!!

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