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Remember a time when something funny happened with you and the couple (or you and the groom, or you and the bride), and turn it into a metaphor for a happy marriage.

Whether you're the maid of honor, the best man, or someone else tasked to deliver a toast, write and deliver a toast that they will appreciate and that will make them laugh without making it turn into a schtick monologue.

Who knew that flying down a mountain with two sticks stuck to your feet could be hard? Weddings are all about the love between two people.

But the important thing here is that we all had a great time, even when things got bumpy. Capitalize upon the love and affection between the bride and groom within your toast while keeping the mood light and funny. In this instance, love made two people get all dressed up, walk slowly down an aisle and repeat whatever the pastor said.

Suddenly—just like the movies—the chapel doors burst open.

John Beckwith (OWEN WILSON) and Jeremy Grey (VINCE VAUGHN) have known each other for years, both as business partners -- working as divorce mediators -- as well as social friends where their favorite pastime is crashing weddings.

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