Weird online dating stories

I have not been on a Bumble date since.” — Alexa “Recently, I went out with a guy who said birth control was a sin, women shouldn’t be educated over a high school level, and sex was only for making babies.

When I told him I needed to leave, he said I was fat.” — Claire “Went on a date with a guy in September and Stanford rapist Brock Turner was on the news on the TV in the bar.

Out of all the Jewish girls in all of LA, how did I find the two that were into reptiles? It was our first date after talking for a while on Match.

It was happy hour when we sat down, so we ordered beers, and when it came time to order food, he said he wasn’t very hungry because he had a peanut butter sandwich before coming, and asked if I wanted to split a burger.

Kindly ask if they don’t mind you asking a couple of questions before you move it forward and invite them to do the same.

They’ll likely appreciate that you’re respecting both your time and theirs.” And if they don’t?

Anyone who’s ever been single in Los Angeles knows that the actor/model/bartender stereotype is true, that Eastside to Westside is considered a long-distance relationship, and, without a doubt, that dating in LA is the worst.

He obviously noticed me notice his gross eyeball and says, ‘Don’t worry, it’s just pink eye.

I’ve never seen someone go from comfortable to full-blown stutter so quickly.” — Drew “I met this guy on OKCupid who was a well-educated children’s therapist with UCLA Medical.

We hit it off and had a few great dates over the course of about a month or so.

THEN HE ASKED ME IF I COULD COVER HIS DRINK AND GIVE HIM A RIDE HOME.” — Suzy “I once went on date with a guy who showed up 30 minutes late and then proceeded to drink four drinks to my two.

Needless to say, it was not a match.” — Jen “First, these are two completely separate dates with two completely separate people in two completely separate years, but they were remarkably similar.

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