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However, the source added to "The Sun Sunday" that Jermaine had deliberately left intimate details of his relationship with Whitney out of his book to make it sound as if they were just friends rather than lovers.

The source added: "The reason it ended was because Jermaine wouldn't leave his wife and Whitney was angry.

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The eldest child of Berry Gordy, Hazel with Jermain until 1988 when he sought and got a divorce following allegations of cheating against her husband.

Age ain’t nothing but a number until the things that she finds interesting and fascinating he’s already done and couldn’t do again if he tried, and instead tries to force her to take on Mee Maw duties. How Can We Assist You with Your Academic Challenge? Jermaine, I love you to death, However, given your choice in women after Hazel, I suggest that after your inevitable divorce from Halima, you remain single and attempt being the MOTOWN artist we know and love!

One would think that after taking the woman of your youngest brother it would be love forever, but it was not to be as it ended in 2003 with three children, Jaafar, Donte, and Jermajesty. They later signed to Motown Records but as a result of some disagreement, the highly successful group left for Epic Records, but Jermaine remained as a result of what he described as his loyalty to the record label.

And The Sun Sunday claim that while Jermaine and Whitney's affair ended after a year, the pair never lost touch - with Whitney comforting Jermaine following Michael's death in 2009."No one understood the scale of his grief because they didn't know what they shared." It is claimed that Jermaine and Whitney's affair began in 1984 when Jermaine was married to Hazel Gordy.

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He rejoined the group in 1983, and has remained with them since, through various breakups and reunions. Jermaine Jackson is a member of the following lists: Guitarists from Indiana, 20th-century American guitarists and Jackson family (show business).

Jermaine ended his 12-year marriage to Halima months after her domestic violence arrest.

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