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It probably is the efforts and successes of such strong female race car drivers like Danica that have made it possible to see girls interested in the sport, gathering on the bleachers to watch these powerful women drive their cars like their lives depend on the sport.Danica's career is definitely worth taking the time to read about, and the fact that she retired from the sport does not mean otherwise.READ ALSO: Cristiano Ronaldo bio, stats, wife, children, height When she dropped out of high school, Danica moved to England to kick start her career in the race car world, a move that eventually led her to the success she boasts of today.

The now-retired race car legend once stated that between the ages of sixteen and nineteen, she used to avoid wearing pink or purple, wearing nail polish, or anything that would basically make her look girly as she did not want to attract attention to herself in a feminine way.Yeah, that's right, not phone numbers, email addresses!The couple describes their then friendship as being on and off, as they would get in touch for a while then go silent for some time as well.Although the latter lost interest in the racing world, Danica's passion for the track continued to build up as she grew older.She also enjoyed watching her father working on race cars. She attended the Hononegah Community High School before eventually dropping out to pursue her dreams as a race car driver.

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