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It was meant to be used on a classroom wall (aka deco trim). The great thing is that I can make 10 more…ummm, I feel a family fun activity coming on. Just dress up your dining table with leaves made from green paper.Better yet, gather some up from outside and bring them in! In fact, either one of these options can be transformed into The Amazon.

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The least compatible signs with Taurus are generally considered to be Leo and Aquarius.

The Jungle Book Tarzan Bambi George of the Jungle We then headed to Capitol Theatre in good old SLC. You could use chocolate bars, graham crackers, animal cookies, Oreos, bananas or even ALL of the above to do the trick! Upon completing his charming task of whispering in my ear that he loves and adores me 🙂 THEN, and only then, did I gave him his final gift! I personalized a We enjoyed looking through the book together and reminiscing on those years. You’ll be seeing more of her work on our downloads in the future!

After sharing those moments it was time for us to head back to reality! (In the meantime…hop on over to her blog and check her out!!

Put stuffed animals on the empty chairs or just surrounding you! You’ve just created your very own Jungle dining environment! While in the kitchen we went ahead and ate breakfast. Being his first stop on the Safari, it was that time day! This one was for an overnight stay at this great little Inn that isn’t too far from where we live. Remember those leaves and animals that you used for dinner?

We just happened to stay in the jungle-themed room. Whether your staying in, or reserving a room, take them with you!

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