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When he does, she watches him over the course of the game as Sheik, witnessing first hand his heroics. making Zelda Link’s main companion for the whole game.

The two actually work together and bond with one another consistently.

In the process of succeeding, Link wakes up the original Zelda meaning she now co-exists with the Zelda Link saved in the first game.

Even though Link and Zelda are always destined to meet, they aren’t always destined to get along.

Most notably, the final boss takes on the appearances of enemies from When Link first wakes up, he mistakes Marin for Zelda.Princess Zelda’s entire plan relied on Link showing up to save the day.She waited in hiding for seven years specifically on the chance that Link would return.She’s a few inches taller than him in ’s more interesting implications is the notion that Princess Zelda actually has feelings for Link, at least in the future.When they’re kids, there’s very little going on relationship-wise for them, but it’s clear in the future that Zelda sees Link as a larger than life figure, one who can genuinely save Hyrule.

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